“As if…”

Act as if you were raised with some sense
Act as if you weren’t always so tense
Act as if you give a damn about a feeling
Act as if the word "friend" actually was appealing
Walk as if you are going off the beaten path
Talk as if this is the last conversation you will have
Think as if thoughts did indeed cost money
and you are on the brink of saying something profoundly funny
Kiss as if it is punishable by death to do so
Miss as if it has eighty-percent approval on a news poll
Laugh as if it is the best medicine
Love as if it will make you a better citizen
Dance as if the song will never end
Understand as if some wounds will never mend
Listen as if what is being said is considered scriptures
Speak as if a word is worth a thousand pictures
Live as if another life you will never find
Die as if regret had never crossed your mind

© Me — July 3, 2012

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