Hello Everyone , Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !

A quick note, I popped over to the Union Sq.Holiday Market, and my two favorite booths are of chocolate and color !

Go pop a piece of chocolate truffle from the company No Chewing Allowed, you’re taste buds will be thrilled ! This chocolate truffle is awesome ! Take my advice get a little extra to bring to Holiday parties, but get a lot to keep at home for those snowy days !

Beautiful vibrant color !!,from the company Time Will Tell ,an adorable colorful selection of watches , you can design to your color choices right there ! These watches are fun, as well as durable. At a time when you see so many people wearing the same thing, it’s great to have your own signature watch that shows what a unique individual you are. I know that’s the reason I like them !

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas, and always let’s remember ,especially at this time of year, Kindness Rules, Love and be Loved, and for those running around who are lonely and feeling a bit blue during this time,…………………May Love Find You !!

And for everyone else, Find Love ! Love Renaissance P.O.P.

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