Provocative title that subtly makes my point

Slightly related and free of rights image that makes me seem arty and thougtful

Catchy one-liner with a twist about a personal story.

First lyrical sentence with emphasis on details of a vivid scene that could be the opening of a movie, with lots and lots of commas and a meditative writing. Personal sentence about my family which mentions a cute quirk of one of my children and get the reader to like me and project himself over my situation. Final line of the description of a seemingly mundane task with the sheer number of overinflated words used preparing the reader for the twist of the title.

Sudden break of the narrative flow to introduce the idea that I just got during showering and kind of relates to the first poorly storytelled part of my piece :

Meek and highly debatable point that I phrase to sound smart and hope will be retweeted by some local celebrity

Personal description of how I felt after that point emerging in my head in the movie-like setting previously described ! Other kind of related idea and example from an other domain ! Subtle praise to my analytical mind by getting the reader to know that I had a hunger to know more and double-check my rockstar intuition by some fact after exiting the scenery.

Description of me at night doing thorough research when I actually literally googled the keyword of my idea with total disregard for actual science. Result from cherrypicked article written by a tired PHD from an obscure vaguely peer-rated review. Waving of the only non-statistically significant percentage that I could find in the article along with a calculator-backed estimation of the total impact on a well-known indicator to measure a wildly overinflated potential impact. Wild leap to a conclusion that isn't even related to the article in the first place but goes well with my point.

Result of the resulting three minutes discussion I had at coffee break with my most famous accointance about the idea, that I phrase as if we were two philosophers discussing cutting-edge philosophical content. Backhanded compliment and naming of the friend.

Final thought on how my life will never be the same and I will change forever as a person. Feel-good one-liner talking about hope, the future and how technology can change the life of everyone. Mention of my family and the world I want to see my offspring live in.

Final consideration that calls the reader to action in a heartfelt and meaningful way.

Description of my twitter, instagram, facebook, linkedin, github, new platform that I'm helping a friend get off the ground, and call to follow my medium.

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