Five months ago I decided to improve my English. So, I had this goal in my mind but I didn’t know how to start. I already knew the Pimsleur’s method but It was limited because the Pimsleu’s method is still working only for begining.

Indeed, Pimsleur’s method is much better than all methods I know and I studied.

But, I was wanting to improve my English to the next level and the second step I found out on Assimil — New English Without Toil (Original title: Assimil — O Novo Inglês Sem Esforço). The Assimil’s method has the vantagen to learn to write and read in English to, while the Pimsleur focus only on the listening and speaking. Futhermore, I used two diferent versions about the same Assimil’s methods, one of this is focus on the Britsh English while another one is focus on the American English, actually I have both the older one and the newer one. Nevertheless, It was not enought for me I needed more.

Old version of Assimil’s methods.

By the way, today I watched the punisher only in English without subtitles and It was very excited. Monday I will start the third level: monolingual course.

The new version.

Then, I only wanna tell you one thing: if you want somenthing you have to fight for that! Thank God!

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