How to Trade your BNT on MyEtherWallet (v1.4)
Asaf Shachaf

I’ve sent funds on the 1st Step as prescribed by the instruction for MyEtherWallet, but on the last step (after clicking ‘Write’) there is a modal window with a ‘Warning: you’re about to execute a function on contract on the ETH chain’ and two fields: amount of ETH to send and gas limit. After filling these values the wallet attempts to generate a transaction as usual but returns an error as my wallet is empty (I’ve already sent all my ether on Step 1 as per instruction).


1) Don’t you think that the instruction for myEtherWaller has an error so people is sending funds before setting up the change contract?

2) If the above suggestion is correct and you provided a wrong instruction resulting in many people (as can be observed in comments) just sending you funds and getting nothing, how can I get my ether back?

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