Experience time traveling- 5 places to go and feel 22nd century vibe

How many of us has ever wondered if movies like Matrix and 5th Element is just fiction or a real insight in how future way of living might look like? All those flying cars, and weird diving-type of suits that we will wear, let’s not forget about chips implanted in our body so government would recognize us by barcodes or other weird numbers.

So what are the opportunities that 21st century science has offered us so we wouldn’t be taken by surprise when the big change happens. I will present you 5 places, actual places , how we can take a look for what’s ahead of us.

Visit Silicon Valley

This literally is a place on Earth where future is being created. The area in Northern San Francisco is a home and birthplace for world’s most innovative companies like Google, Tesla, Apple, Occulus etc. This place employs more than 1/2 million people who develops technology that changes the world. Every year hundreds of teens and young adults gather in Berkeley University campus for Hackathon where in 36h nonstop work teams create Hi-tech innovations from scratch. The winners are supported by companies like Microsoft and IBM and even sign contracts worth millions.

Silicon Valley operates in future- technologies that regular people can’t access yet.

Hackathon hosted by SETI Institute in June, 2017 to gather the brightest hi-tech minds.

Vacation to futuristic cities like Dubai, Singapore, Seoul

When we talk about futuristic lifestyle there are some places in the world where you can experience it. Dubai has most modern architecture projects, in Hong Kong students sign their attendance with fingerprints, walking on Tokyo’s streets you might bump into a robot. The ultimate future experience happens in Sondgo- just outside Seoul there is a project in action for the world’s most futuristic city-where every component of the city is linked to wireless computing network for information and synchronization of entire city. This project cost 40 billion $!

Singapore uses toll technology that identifies how much you use the road, based on that they will charge you.

Singapore Supertrees- a ‘’garden’’ for public with 18 man-made trees from which 11 of them are equipped with electricity generating solar panels.

A weekend in CeBit Expo

A business innovation conference- that is how they call this even where 200 000 visitors come together to explore newest innovation in technology world made by 3000 presenting companies. For curious outsiders like you and me they have many different showrooms where you can meet robots and try out gadgets that are not yet in stores. For professionals they have conferences, networking events and much more. This year the biggest CeBit event was hosted in Germany.

Computers help hire employees and robots help our children with their homework. So what’s left for us to do?

A quick overview of best moments from CeBit 2017, which was held in March 20–24 and second round is due to June 11–15, 2018 http://www.cebit.de/en/exhibition/media-library/videos/video-detail.xhtml?id=49475

Virtual reality

It is more than a game, you truly can experience memories of a lifetime- travels, transform in a robot, war simulations and a glimpse into future. By now you already have access to VR as consumer- Ford gives you VR test drive, Mariott offers glimpse in holiday destinations with VR simulations. IMAX has opened a VR entertainment centre in Los Angeles (psst,on 26th May opening in NYC) where you can even experience how the city will look in future-fly in your car and live in 200 floor skyscraper. How cool is that?!

An experience that enables you to travel in time and experience something you have never dreamed of.

IMAX VR Centre, Los Angeles from inside.

Shopping trip to hi-tech stores

Be ready the get your mind blown away because stores like Syntrend Creative Park in Taipei, Taiwan takes you away from reality. The 12 floor mall offers you to test newest innovations from world’s major technology giants. From futuristic children toys to VR headsets and gaming hubs, you will have access to all of it! Syntrends exterior doesn’t bring you to future, but MyZeil shopping mall in Frankfurt does. The exterior and interior is beyond the reality we face every day. It is an architectural masterpiece where people go to enjoy piece of future.

MyZeil shopping mall has become tourist destination for those seeking future-like experience.

We don’t have to wait for future to suddenly happen, we are already living in it. Last decade has brought many innovative technologies that has changed our life, and as in Silicon Valley they say- future is being created every day.

Feel free to comment below about what you think is the most futuristic place where experience future.