The shadow covering your future travels: Why modern technology will ruin your vacation.

I know you all wish to know the price for Virgin’s Gallactic flights to moon. Sure, I am curious as well, I am also curious about Poseidon Undersea Resorts in Fiji which is due to opening n 2020. So we might say that the future looks bright for travelers. I bet you all imagine spending your retirment days in a sunny island somewhere in Carribean, with white, sandy beaches and palm trees.

I don’t want to be the mean girl telling you that this dream will never come true. Why? Sit down, relax and enjoy the reasons why you should stick to reality and grab the last bits of humanity that you still here.

You see, Richard Branson is very convinced, that if people would have money then 80% of us would get on that Virgin Galactic space ship and say ‘’hasta luego’’ to planet Earth.Mariott hotel chain is very sure that all young travelers, let’s just call them the rich kids of capitalims world, are born with Iphone in their pocket and is not capable to deal with reality, so what they already do in their hotels is that you can put on VR googles and discover your next vacation destination. So you can prepare yourself for what you could see, you already get some first hand feelings of the excitement you get by visiting new places.Not to mention the super cool thingy that scientists are building- a brain implant that ables you to speak multiple languages. Isn’t that cool? No more ‘’Me no speak Espagnol!”

In that bright future built on technology you will travel fast, easy and very expensive.

So you might wonder what’s her problem, right? Why I sound so negative about this travel innovations coming up. You know why, because it will ruin the experience. As someone who has hitch hiked all around Europe, South America and somewhere in SE Asia I flippin’ love experience. That’s the essence of leaving your house!

Give me another chance; I will draw you a picture of what it will look like when you go on vacation in 2025. At first you get in the Hyperloop Technology Capsule that connects Paris with Dubai, you will sit comfortably with no guilt of CO2 emissions, once in Dubai you will get into your electric vehicle which probably is the Tesla with no driver, just sit and let the car take you to your hotel when hologram of a receptionist will check you in in your 75th floor room. What a view!

Literally amazing, and then those hologram room portae who takes your order and stuff. Of course, you already saw some bits of the most modern city in the world during your VR tour, that day when your travel agent showed you the places you haven’t been and, for sure, you must see them.

Mind that so far you haven’t met any other person; just saw some other tourists in the lobby of the hotel. What happened to them, you might ask?-They got stucked in their private space because there is no need to talk to anyone else. I mean, with this new thing on your phone, where you speak in your native language and then it translates everything you said in the local language, whatever it is. It makes your life way easier.

The next day when you get out of your super comfortable room, you get into the beautiful sun of desert and nothing surprises you. Why? Because you have seen it through VR already, all your friends have been here, the endless amount of advertisement that hits you every time you google ‘’best vacation destinations 2025’’.

It makes me sad, you know, because for me the best part of traveling is the wondering stage. Where everything is new, where many places and people scare you, where you have to overcome yourself in order to survive in a world where you don’t belong. No matter how difficult it is, I can put my hand on my heart and say “It’s worth it!” Will Smith recently said in an speech that the best things in life are on the other side of the fear.

What scares me the most now is not the fact that I don’t speak Punjabi and that being solo female traveller in India is considered as dangerous, in matter of fact, what scares me most is that by the time I get to India there won’t be any authentic culture left. Thank’s to Hyperloop Technology Europenas and Chinese will fill the streets more than locals, that I will never get lost wondering in shady Bombay streets because my phone or watch or something implanted in my head or sunglasses will tell me the right way from point A to point B. Man, this is some scary thing, to be a human in inhumane world. What else they will sell us? That’s right, from my capsule ticket to my bilingual brain implant- it’s all under name of ‘’making your life easy’’, but in fact it’s just marketing. Because how much more easier our life’s can get?

Please don’t judge me for being so emotional, but it drives me crazy how people support the modern technology. The other day I read an article on on why we should not be sacred of AE robots. You see, many people are seriously worried that those robots will take their jobs. And then I close my eyes and I imagine my vacation to LA in 2020, a very near future, and I can see those robots serving me food. No more big American white-toothed smile serving me bacon and eggs, it’s just a robot wishing me an enjoyable meal.

The ones who did survive until the end of this article, I urge you to go somewhere where you haven’t been yet. It doesn’t have to be far away, maybe just a small town nearby, I know it’s boring, but just go there and ask for directions to a local. Start that conversation about something that the town is well known by, don’t look at TripAdvisor for best place to eat, just ask someone where to go. And you will get it. That feeling which is worth any struggle, and I promise you the satisfaction will be much greater than knowing everything.

Discover! An easy way is by far much more boring than the hard way; you know it better than I do.