Oh. Hallo, dear Medium !

Mm. So, this is my first writexperience on Medium.

This first post, i just re-created it from my #mornigroutine Daily-Bread posting. I hope it could spreads some love further on my medium ♡

June, 23rd.

I’m a journalist”, a friend told me. “When I tell people this, they sometimes look at me with a certain pity. Even my mom. But when they find out who I am journalist for, they open their eyes with admiration!” In other words, society often defines some jobs as less important than others, unless those jobs happen to relate in some way to rich or famous people.

In Ephesians, Paul talks to servants and masters. He reminds both groups that we serve one Master who is in heaven. So we need to do everything with sincerity of heart, integrity, and respect because we are serving and working for Christ Himself. As the apostle Paul reminds us, “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people”.

As an apoteker (licensed pharmacist). For me, what a privilege to serve God in everything we do, whether answering a phone or driving a car or doing housework or running a business, and or when i do some drug-mixed during recipe working. Same at all. Let us work with a smile today, remembering that no matter what we are doing, we are serving God.

Happy Thursday, meds! Dont forget to smile ☺

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