There is no turning back.

For most of the React Developers, we think of the application as components. Building blocks with components, and when possible, with reusable components.

It is good to see that the reusable component has been useful in different parts of our application. And as a React Developer, I have to admit, Styled Components gives me the same good feeling.

Okay, but let’s leave the philosophical writing aside.

I’ll start by highlighting some of the main reasons you should start using Style Components:

No class name bugs: styled-components generate unique class names for your styles. …

It’s been a while since my last blog post, so to get used to writing again, I decided to write about… REACT!

If you are a beginner or have been programming for the past three years. There is a big chance you heard of React or are already using it right now.

I started my programming journey when React was already a thing.

An experienced developer once said that React is the new jQuery, and I thought, Is jQuery dead?

Just for clarification, I have nothing against jQuery or jQuery Developers.

Ant Design and React

This is a small introduction of using Ant Design with React.js.

Few months ago, I started working on a project where they were using Ant Design as their Design System. Even though, the library have a good documentation. The library is mainly used in China where it was created. So, most of the contents related to Ant Design out there where in Chinese.

So, for this blog post, I decided to give a brief introduction to Ant Design and how to use it on your React Application.

First of all, what is Ant Design?

Ant Design is a Design System…

Renato Guimaraes Nunes

Developer, traveler, and tech-enthusiastic.

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