If You are Voting for Jill Stein, Here is What I know About You
Sasha Stone

Hey Sasha,

I agree with the sentiment of your piece. We’re coming down to the wire in this ugly election. Trump is a non-starter for so many reasons and Hillary isn’t helping herself with these leaked DNC docs, the email debacle and her health. Hillary is one of the most talented politicians I have ever seen.

I don’t, however, agree with your tactic in motivating people to vote for Hillary though. If we want to play the blame game, let’s start with the Democratic Party machine that failed to keep young new voters engaged after the 2008 election. Millions of young new voters turned out for Obama but were little to no attempt was made down the line to keep these folks engaged and active in the political process. Perhaps the Democratic party machine doesn’t trust young people enough to run their own localities; also why we have two dinosaurs running for President.

Some of the young voters are now part of the latino and african-american millenials Hillary is having a hard time convincing. I’m Mexican and have major reservations about Hillary’s militaristic tendencies. Where was Hillary when a Democratically elected President was ousted in a coup in Honduras? She was too busy pushing an agenda of destabilization in the middle east with Obama that has been a major factor in creating the current state of things there.

Personally, I will mainly vote Democratic this fall, but as any good middle child I have an independent streak and it’s hard for me and my conscience to fall in line that easily. She will have to vociferously speak to her policies and proposals. I want to hear them wherever I go and not have to dig for them. That hot sauce in her bag and abuelita chocolate stunts she pulled are not appropriate ways to court my vote.

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