Renato Oliveira
Apr 25 · 1 min read

I worked for ten years with Java, used Spring, pure Java EE, Swing, scientific programming without frameworks, and some other web frameworks out there. The Java language is great, specially for large projects.

I am currently a Nodej.js + React developer, they are nice, specially React. But even working with Node for sometime by now, I still prefer programming in Java for enterprise applications. The strongly typing is GREAT on an environment where you have people coming in and out every month, programmers with different levels of experience and background, and some other factors like really huge code base.

About Maven vs. NPM, I don’t have words to express how bad NPM is in that context, but Mike Dudley already did a great job pointing the most critical issues with it.

Overall, Node is very exciting and have many interesting features. Java is actually a more verbose language, with lots of boilerplate, but at the end of the day, when you are working on a huge system that is on production for 5+ years, you thank god that it isn’t written in JS.

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