Note on RNDR Token Sale

Based on a few questions on our social media networks, we wanted to explain the sizing of our token offering on October 5th.

OTOY has determined the size of the Render Token public sale pool by the projected demand in the outsourced rendering marketplace which is already a multimillion dollar market and growing rapidly. The distribution of our public sale tokens will cover development and other aspects related to the distributed RNDR network to satisfy this demand. Render Tokens are being sold at prices equivalent to current fees for rendering via the OTOY Render Cloud. Soon after issuance, users will have the option to use Render Tokens for ORC rendering resources as a gateway to the broader peer to peer network.

While OTOY does not plan to sell more than the 25% allocation in public token sales, any portion remaining in this allocation after our upcoming token sale may be used in future public token sales.

Our plan is that, if the opportunity for future sales exists, it will be linked to demand for rendering services and the accomplishment of future phases of realizing our vision of the Render Token network.