We’ve made some pretty big changes that we think will make it easier to make a new friend and take on this adventure. Thanks for being part of this crazy trip ;)

Now you can send a letter to your friend!

We want to take you back to a time before emails, before texts, and even before telephones.

Then, the only way to get to know someone was to see them, or write them a letter.

It was exciting, and letters ruled all!

Get to know your friend a bit more, talk about your day, your favorite foods, what they do, or even finally know what that random gif they sent a week ago meant.

Of course we still want to keep the integrity of that first serendipitious meeting, and we ask you to keep your identifiable info a secret.

What is totally ok

  • Random…

Hello our lovely Rendezwhos!

We’ve had quite a month and we want to thank you for that! Your feedback, stories, and even gripes have all have been essential in shaping this app. In this month, people have taken that leap and met their Rendezwho! They have traveled near and far and met with a complete stranger, someone they would not have met otherwise! We are thrilled, and can’t wait for more to come.

Here’s what’s changing, and what is new:

Banning 🙀

We changed it to 5 days: If you don’t answer a question of the day at least once every 5 days you will be…

I came up with the idea of Rendezwho a couple of years ago while traveling. I met so many great people, struck up some amazing conversations, by pure chance! There was no facebooking them, no googling them, I knew nothing — except they were sitting across from me on a couch at this hostel. There are places to see throughout the world — but it really is the people you meet that define your travels. Rendezwho was inspired in the spirit of that first conversation with a stranger.

It is for that reason, I am so proud that last week…

What a week!

Thank you for making it happen. We built Rendezwho to ignite curiosity, and desire to travel, with the journey to find your friend being as much the inspiration as the destination. You are the very first to embrace this idea, and as such, our favorite people. We appreciate you coming along on the ride, we promise to only get better with time, like cheese.

You told us, we listened.

We hear you loud and clear, your Rendezwho isn’t responsive, or hasn’t returned to the app, and it’s frankly ruining this for you. …

Of course this is the question that everyone wants to know. When we first open the app we are staring at some huge number that indicates a mysterious location, but a little detective work and we can determine where our match is! The fun part about the detective work is that it requires us to travel. Let me explain how through an example.

Let’s say our home is New York City, we sign up for Rendezwho, we are matched the next day with our mysterious partner and we see they are 3,830 miles away; oh no that can be anywhere…

One question with Rendezwho we get asked a lot is how is my match selected. Well the short answer is it’s random! The longer answer however requires us to examine what exactly ‘random’ is for a computer.

A computer, because it is a deterministic machine cannot generate truly random numbers. Instead it generates what we call pseudo-random numbers where the basis for generating the numbers if often based on random data. For example, it might take the last 30, keyboard characters typed and use those for a basis for generating the number (it is unlikely that this will be the…


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