Letters are here!

Apr 9, 2016 · 2 min read

Now you can send a letter to your friend!

We want to take you back to a time before emails, before texts, and even before telephones.

Then, the only way to get to know someone was to see them, or write them a letter.

It was exciting, and letters ruled all!

Get to know your friend a bit more, talk about your day, your favorite foods, what they do, or even finally know what that random gif they sent a week ago meant.

Of course we still want to keep the integrity of that first serendipitious meeting, and we ask you to keep your identifiable info a secret.

What is totally ok

  • Random musings
  • What you love/hate
  • What you do
  • It’s ok to say where you’re from, ie: SF, CA

What is not allowed-keep it to yourself!

  • Name
  • Age, gender
  • Address
  • Social media info
  • Offensive content (you know what we mean)

How it works

  • You write a letter to your match and send it
  • A moderator takes a look, and if approved, sends it over to your match
  • You get one free letter every two weeks,
  • Just like the post, we think waiting adds that layer of anticipation that made getting a letter so much fun. If you absolutely cannot wait, you can purchase a letter to write more often.

Finally, have fun!


Rendezwho Team

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