Confessional Testimony: The New McCarthyism according to James Comey

Leaders. Great men. People in power. Most “absolutes” come and go. Political hoola hoops are everywhere and yet noone plays with them much. They rise and fall with pop culture ideas about what democracy means, its relative value to our lives, and whether we want to participate at any given time or for a specific reason.

But the United States has a history. A rich and abundant and very recent history in dealing in political memes, pushed onto a treadmill of hysteria, grandstanding, and fear mongering with no purpose but to continue the meme.

While most people dealing with their personal problems may drive to church on Sunday or drive to the therapists office to unburden themselves, James Comey drives to congress to give gratuitous, self serving, half-truth testimony; “No sir, I cant comment on that”. He teases his audience with red meat, pious declarations of honesty and faith with the FBI mission and the constitution, and alludes to the black box of investigations which he cannot explain due to interfering with (his own) investigations, or revealing classified information. Information classified by him and his cronies at other intelligence agencies.

The best thing you could say about James Comey is that he is an incompetent leader, a complainer, and has a lust for unburdening himself in public to validate his self worth. But that would be cowardly. To insult Comey’s intelligence would be letting him off the hook, which is giving him what he wants.

Prosecutorial misconduct takes many shapes and forms and James Comey has embodied a few of them, while hiding behind a self described “faultless” persona only going where the facts lead. But the most pernicious form of prosecutorial misconduct is to create multiple high level, wide reaching, ongoing investigations that have no end for the purpose of keeping individuals, and perhaps all the people around certain individuals under a cloud of suspicion, never charging them with a crime, and simultaneously never exonerating the parties in question.

These are trials with no juries, dark investigations with no end and no crimes, PR movements which use 50 year old commie baiting as a front, and de facto defamation of at least in this case politicians to amplify personal ambitions.

James Comey has brought us a new McCarthyism, a wolf in sheeps’ clothing who is willing to hold the sword of Damocles over anyones head including presidential candidates and sitting presidents, defame them repeatedly with half truths during disingenuous, congressional testimonies, and claim the opposite that he, James Comey, has been defamed. Or is uncomfortable with his role in dealing with the highest level politicians in the land. Or let people off the hook but since he did he feels free to defame them in public without charging anyone ad nauseam.

Except for the fact that James Comey was actually fired, he would continue on this path endlessly and create a new McCarthyism, and the media in the case of the current president is so invested in this hot new commie baiting narrative, will ride this for some time until Comey recedes into the background. Congress is so whipped up that they dont see what they have even started, why or how it will end.

Lack of courage. Lack of knowledge. Lack of professionalism. Lack of judgement. All lead to the hysterics that we see today. James Comey has played (if not created) this environment like his personal pipe organ. He is the new McCarthy.

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