I Dont Care About the San Bernardino Murder-Suicide

The US is rife with mental illness crime, because the govt and the incumbent health care monopolys dont treat mental illness at all.

When the US actually starts to deal with real health issues instead of selling people down the HMO river, I might be interested in the outcome. Or just hopeful.

Neglect is not a reason for me to show empathy or pity. Its sad, but its also not my problem. Its the problem of the do-gooders who said they solved this ages ago and think they understand it or simply blame Reagan for emptying out the the mental wards while they push universal NO care insurance on the whole country.

Here in the SF bay area you see the results of this on every median strip in town. The direct and obvious societal failure of the best and the brightest to deal with mental illness.

YES people do go mental and not seek treatment at all and kill people. And YES HMO monopolies also dont cover mental illness at all and kill people. You make the call.

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