The Latte Protesters Have No Milk in the Game.

Why is it that the current form of protest includes no personal stake in the outcome? Not that an outcome is imminent. But what’s the source?

Is it perhaps that misguided empathy is now so freely given to people you don’t identify with that it means literally nothing? Or is it conversely that the empathy costs you nothing, because as a latte protester you are just killing time before you pick up your kid from soccer practice?

Killing time would be sort of honest in the case of things that really don’t matter. Things that, aside from the Earth spinning slightly on its axis cant change, like the deadline for the poles to melt and the shores to flood. Dolphins in tuna nets, and bullies in high schools. Perennials of the human condition. Nothing can be done.

Fancy thinking, with no purpose. Good for killing time. For people that have that much time to kill.

But what about this other protesting? The one that says simply, “I Disagree”, “The guy I vote for lost”, “Now I am upset”. Where were these folks during the democratic process? (Not that democracy solves all ills). The president is illegitimate. Black lives matter.

My point is slightly oblique but I think somewhat valid if you can get your head around it.

The protesters who are in full gear now, have nothing at stake, and have lost really nothing. They stop at the Starbucks on the way to the protest, get a latte and show up at the appointed place to cry and whine for *other* people very much not like them, immigrants and criminals, and then go home to their suburban enclaves where nothing of the sort can disturb their calm. They sleep so well at night.

These people are not protesters. They have no stake in the game, and they have no real opinions of merit. They are bystanders, Monday morning quarterbacks, and people with a ton of time on their hands as a result of their modest success.

Perhaps if these same people got back to work at something that mattered to THEMSELVES, and stopped defending the indefensible and those who would burden the rest of society with their limitless problems, they might be happy with themselves instead of telling everyone else how to live their lives.

But like the phony protests they reluctantly participate in at a distance, they are a lost cause. So buy another latte and get over it.