You Dont Speak English. You Dont.

People are fine just the way they are and thats totally cool. Noone should have a problem with that. But here’s a big problem. H1B Indians dont speak English. At all.

Thats messed up right?, it sounds false on the face of it, wait we brought in 3 quarters of a million bobble heads on the basis of a common language? (lets forget actual tech skills) But then it really wasnt???

Well us actually employable(?) Americans have kept silent for years. While, if your in the job market today, I had 5 phone calls (which I get every day) from Indian recruiters who cant speak a lick from Tata to Cognizant keep calling us on the phone, not even being able to describe a job much less do one, to feign that they are giving Americans a fair shake (because they made a phone call and sent a voicemail) in a phony attempt to hire American citizens.

Also the Indian recruiter spam largely originates from India using Google Voice numbers to make it appear as if they are calling in the US.

But the beauty of the scam is that Silicon Valley knows they dont speak technical english, cant code for shit and they are fine with that because cheap slaves are simultaneously easy and hard to come by. Just Nod yes!. Like a good slave should.

And smart hi tech workers are much more compliant when they cant argue about anything because they dont even understand the other person and vice versa.

Its one of the most beautiful cons ever devised by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, and Marissa Mayer.

But a beautiful con it is.

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