Dates & Reminders In WorkFlowy?
Jesse Patel

dear Jesse:

i think there could be almost as many ‘use cases’ as there are users, so i’m just going to say that i would love a convenient way to isolate dated bullets which fall within a user-defined date range, or a dynamic date range like ‘today’, ‘next 7 days’, etc. (i do believe most use cases will ‘end up’ in a similar place as well).

currently i use a series of 3 tags: year, month, day, to make it searchable in a logical and ‘drill-downable’ fashion…

i click on the appropriate combination of these tags and i have what i *need*; a list of my bullets with dates which fall within a specified range. i don’t mind having to click the tags to define the range and i can always just star the resulting page anyway if i really needed to call it back often.

so my *wants* in this area would be for some automation that would remove the tedium of setting up the tags properly and, of course, that would provide the predefined dynamic date range shortcuts.

i love workflowy. I have tried many many many other outliners and full-blown task managers, but i just keep coming back to workflowy because of its deceptive simplicity — deceptive because it is precisely that simplicity of having just a few carefuly chosen tools which allows me to ‘bend’ workflowy to give me what i might need. so i agree totally with the camp that says “do not lose this simplicity / flexibility!’

but having said that, i do think using dates within workflowy is an area which, if automated somehow, would be a big and welcome help to many, myself included. i am so glad you’re considering adding it to ‘the toolset’ ;)

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