the Promised Land is not having your technology, but what life is like thanks to having your technology.)
The Greatest Sales Deck I’ve Ever Seen
Andy Raskin

Such a great statement (and article btw)! To become better at closing sales, it’s vital for you to truly understand what the “Promised Land” is in the eyes of your customers. Understanding your customers’ struggles (and not only the shifts in the world), their hopes and expectations (i.e. their “future state”) will help you define that “Promised Land”. This isn’t something that you can come up with over a coffee or in a brainstorming session with your team. This requires talking to your existing customers, prospects and churned subscribers and digging deeper into their lives. There are great theories and frameworks out there, such as Jobs-to-be-Done, that help you uncover your customers’ motivations and then formulate the “Promised Land” that you can sell in your sales conversations and marketing materials. This article can help you get started with understanding the “Promised Land” your customers might seek.

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