Can a mobile app become even cooler by becoming desktop app?

You must think that this guy is outta his mind. What is this? 2001?

Nope it’s 2015 — but some out-of-the-box thinking never killed no body.

I saw recently Guy Kawasaki promoting Canva using Facebook Live — and he was doing it by pointing a camera at the screen of the computer.
This was the only way how he could show the users tunning in live how to use it.

Guy showing folks how to use Canva by pointing his camera into the computer screen.
This got me thinking on how Periscope and Facebook live could use this problem and jump in with a crazy solution — a desktop application.

Yes — a desktop application that would help Tech evangelist like Guy Kawasaki and Youtube stars like Salman Khan (From Khan Academy) show a live feed of his doodles which explain complicated concepts in a easy understandable way, or help Guy to screencast how to use Canva.

Imagine a tool that would allow Salman Khan to broadcast live and get instant feedback on his lessons?

Why the love for periscope?

I love periscope and similar applications because they give us an unedited view into a persons way of thinking and behaving. It’s honest and the future way on how me interact with live streaming and videos.

It’s “one-take” approach is really appealing and is already a popular way of communicating for a bunch of Youtube stars like Eli the computer guy

The reason why many follow Eli is his honest approach which is mostly because he uses “one-take” method.

In conclusion

Periscope and Facebook live could really benefit from helping out screen-casters and tutorial makers all over the internet by giving them a easy to use application for their desktop computer — one that would broadcast live their camera feed and their computer screen at the same time.

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