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History Has Shown That Digitization Is More Evolution Than Revolution.

Some people say one should not look behind. The past is gone, and you cannot change it anymore. Well, that’s true and it is indeed the right attitude to look into the future because this is the only place where you can change things and introduce innovation. However, I am on the opinion that it is important to consider what has happened in the past. It is significant to understand why things happened and to learn from it, in order to avoid and overcome mistakes from others and thus make things better in the future.

The Digital Evolution — Step by Step (Copyright, 2018, Rene Buest, http://renebuest.com)

As a technology analyst, I…

Today, the artificial intelligence (AI) hype wouldn’t exist without cloud computing. Only the easy access to cloud-based innovative AI services (machine learning etc.) and the necessary and fast available computing power enable the developments of novel “intelligent” products, services and business models. At the same time, AI services ensure growth of public cloud providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft and Google. Thus, one can observe a “Cloud-AI interdependency“.

After more than 10 years, cloud computing has evolved into a fertile business for providers such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft. However, competition is getting stronger from laggards like Google and Alibaba. And with the massive and ongoing introduction of AI-related cloud services, providers have increased the competitive pressure themselves, in order to raise attractiveness among their customers.

The Cloud Backs AI and Vice Versa

To build and operate powerful and highly-scalable AI systems is an expensive matter for companies of any size. Eventually, training algorithms and operating the corresponding analytics systems afterwards need oodles of computing power. Providing the necessary computing power in an accurate…

Artificial Intelligence Is the Next Step in the Digital Evolution

After two decades, platform companies are still collecting tons of data, filling their databases with information of everyone’s knowledge, opinions, recommendations, locations, movements, buying behavior, relation status, lifestyle etc. This is not a secret and nothing new. And speaking of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the platform companies are fully embracing and heavily investing into AI. However, most enterprise leaders underestimate the effect this will have on their businesses. And especially the established economy is the big loser in this game. …

And It Makes Our Life Easier. Period!

Seriously, are you not bored of people like Elon Musk or Stephen Hawking, who are frequently claiming that artificial intelligence (AI) is a big threat to human society? Those discussions let people think AI is going to steal everyone’s job and start the next world war. Even worse, it fuels expectations to a point that the general public is getting the idea that AI research has recently made quantum leaps. And thanks to raising these expectations we could easily run into an AI winter again. Keep calm, we are far away from creating a super-intelligence Musk and Hawking are talking…

Artificial Intelligence Is Much More Than Just Machine Learning

Did you realize something? When analysts and media write about artificial intelligence (AI), most of them unfortunately only talk about machine learning. In doing so, they mention AI and machine learning in the same breath and thus equal AI with one single technology. This is wrong and a concerning progress. In particular, it is confusing the market during a time, where 58 percent of organizations worldwide (according to Forrester) are still researching AI. However, AI is more than just machine learning and consists of several different components that provide intelligent solutions.

Machine Learning Is Not Equal to Artificial Intelligence

First of all, machines do not understand. This is…

The Foundation for New Generation Business Models and Applications

In 2016, artificial intelligence (AI) reached its climax. Research and advisory firm Tractica predicted that the annual worldwide AI revenue will grow from $643.7 million in 2016 to $38.8 billion by 2025. The revenue for enterprise AI applications will increase from $358 million in 2016 to $31.2 billion by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 64.3%. Thus, IT and business decision makers must face up to the potentials of AI already today. For each kind of organization this leads to the question, which type of technologies or infrastructure they can leverage to operate an AI-ready enterprise stack.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

I was recently interviewed by Los Angeles-based technology journalist Tom Samiljan on the current state of artificial intelligence (AI), in particular from a marketing professional perspective.

Tom: What types of tasks are machines best suited for vs humans? Conversely, what are humans better at? How does this translate into a marketing context?

There is an interesting contrary between humans and machines. Humans are typically better in doing things where machines struggle and vice versa. Observe how a robot moves, not very human-like. And all the things that make us human, like show feelings, being social, decide with our gut instinct…

Modern Business Strategy Essentials.

Being a business leader in the established economy is not necessarily a fun job these days. Keeping the competitors at a distance while finding ways to defend the current business model against the Internet giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook etc. is a tough job. However, running a business based on digital disciplines and being prepared with the right armor is simply about doing rather than thinking about the why. As a supporting element, a modern business strategy is built upon a magic triangle that consists of three vertices delivering the necessary essentials: Be digital. Utilize cloud. Leverage artificial intelligence (AI)…

Machine Learning needs tons of data. But what are you going to do when the data only exist in the heads of your employees?

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Perception, Predictive APIs, Image Recognition, Speech Recognition, Virtual Agent, Intelligent Assistant, Personal Advisor, Chatbot, Semantic Search. Did I miss anything? I am sure I did. However, I guess I provide a good list for your next round of Artificial Intelligence (AI) bullshit bingo. Oh, one last thing — Machine Reasoning! If you’ve never heard about this term before, just read until the end and you will get its idea and importance for AI.

AI Hits Puberty but Gives Enterprises a New Hope

In 1955 Prof. John McCarthy already defined AI as the goal to…

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