The NRA & ISIS: A Shared Strategy?
Robin Kelly

The AR-15 does NOT fire 180 rounds per minute. Using the standard magazine of 30 rounds one would have to hold 5 magazine, with a sixth one already in the rifle perform 5 magazine changes, and all the while like a superhuman pull a trigger 3 times per second. Even if you could pull that off the rifle would likely overheat a cause a malfunction. 
Silencers don’t silence. This is the dumbest myth ever. Stopping using Hollywood as your guide. You would need a ridiculously long silencer (suppressor) so long the bullet may never leave the suppressor. Here is an example of testing a suppressor longer than the barrel of a rifle:
I can see criminal carrying these in their pockets. This took the sound down to just under a .22 rifle ~125 dB, louder than a thunder clap. Typically suppressors take a typical rifle round of 175 dB down to 145 dB just and handguns from around 160 dB to 135 dB. A suppressor brings the sound to tolerable WITH hearing protection. Even with the best hearing protection un-suppressed gun shots still damages your hearing. A suppressed handgun will still be as loud as an air raid siren and a suppressed rifle about the level of a fighter jet taking off.
When you write complete lies like this you are not helping your cause. You are only helping the pro-gun side. Fake news!

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