“The Liberal Arts Are Dead” is a surfacing topic in our current society. Many believe the liberal arts education is coming to an end. However, Lucas, as do I, believe it still holds importance and should be kept alive. Lucas reiterates the importance of the liberal arts education, as being exposed to a variety of classes “fostered within me an intense desire to learn — to pursue a life-long learning that always questioned, always quested for alternatives — new ways of seeing the world and my place in it. I chose this topic because I find there are copious benefits to the liberal arts education, and in my eyes should be promoted rather than eliminated. Some who believe the liberal arts is not effective like to generalize the knowledge that come from it, claiming it does not prepare students for specific careers. On the contrary, I believe general knowledge and exposure is the right approach to education for the majority of student who do not walk into college knowing what they would like to pursue. Additionally, a broad knowledge is beneficial in a time where everything is always changing and progressing; a society we live in now. Preparation for change is something that is necessary in the “real world” and is emphasized through the liberal arts lens. Lucas highlights the reasons why we should not give up on the liberal arts; the reasons why we should encourage it.


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