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Your cute little games have evil intentions.

Photo by Afif Kusuma on Unsplash

I’ll admit it. I play some games on my phone. When I was pregnant with my first kid, I got particularly addicted to this bubble game that let me aim bubbles at other bubbles and satisfyingly pop them. (This has to be Freudian.) (Also I’m almost positive my son found a way to play along in-utero since he is attracted to screens of all kinds.) The creator is very good at creating cute graphics and they try real hard to add storylines to simple games in order to keep users invested. What actually…

Dewey know how to find what we’re looking for?

Photo by Alfons Morales on Unsplash

My first thought when reading this assignment was to be cool and research the history of music notation, but it turned out freely accessing information on non-western forms was going to be a deeper dive than I was ready to commit to. So I chose the easy route: the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system, a method of classifying books according to subject. …

We didn’t ask for this but also we did

During the later phase of Facebook’s heyday, when it still suffered from a lack of self-awareness about its place in the world (okay, so a lot of us were suffering — let’s not visit my feed from that era) but knew engagement ($) was starting to decline, Facebook got real thirsty.

We had allowed it to sweet-talk its way into our lives and get us drunk on “connectedness” and eventually, after we woke up with overshare hangovers, we noticed that our good friend FB had been sneakin’ around dealing our data…

How an artsy kid learned to create and enjoy it.

Photo by Júnior Ferreira on Unsplash

I began designing at a young age

Garbage turned into crafts, words into poems, an Oreo into a George Washington thumb (picture a pressed creme wig and a black cookie bow chiseled into shape with my teeth). A field trip to learn about looms resulted in me shredding some material and weaving a mini-rug. A favorite movie meant long hours on the piano sounding out the theme music. You get the idea. It was constant. I learned to highly value my creative abilities to the extent that for many years, I formed my identity around it.

Renée Bruhn

A UX student who likes doing puzzles and eating kimchi.

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