Hey, Renée Cherez, I’m the queer black woman my partner was telling you about.
Gloria Bates

Hey Gloria Bates!

Thank you for sharing this with me. It’s interesting to experience this “being cool” or “being down” internationally as well. One experience sticks out in particular — I walked into this bar with a friend here in Vietnam and the music was okay for the most part.

As I sat down, Beyonce started playing and this white guy and his friends were walking by and he stopped in front of me to give me my own personal performance and the whole time I’m like 😐. Some might say I should be flattered because he “chose me” but no. This was rooted in the fact that I am black and he’s white and it seemed like an opportune time to show off his ability to “be cool” to the only black woman/person in the bar.

Thanks again for sharing with me!