A Phone Setup That Will Make You More Mindful
Niklas Göke

Some great tips here. My phone/iPad are often my main work device, but I’ve configured them to put me in control. No notifications, silence, very few badges, and I keep it on Do Not Disturb most of the day.

I tend to use my phone a lot, but it’s on my terms, and often for productive purposes. For example, most of my writing starts there or my iPad. And I do a lot of photo work/image creation on my devices.

(I spend as little time as possible in front of my computer, because it offers much more distraction opportunity.)

I’ve been considering moving apps to the 2nd screen to zen the home screen, and this might give me the push to do it. I love the idea of a mindfulness question prompt.

That said, as I’ve written about elsewhere, I have found that true mastery of the device comes when we are able to have the apps on the device but not fall into the black hole of them.

If the only way we can avoid the black hole of an app is by removing it from the device, then it still controls us.