Quick Start Guide

Before you begin:

  • Registering an account is easy. Click here to register as either a translator or an interpreter, or both.
  • Gather documents showing your professional standing in translating or interpreting.

1. Complete your profile

AATII is a community that relies on trust. You need a profile so that potential clients can get to know a little bit about you first.

After you register your account, log in and click on Account > My Profile to upload a picture of yourself and a short write up to introduce yourself in an About Me section.

2. Choose a payment method

Follow these steps to associate a payment method with your account. You can receive payment via Alipay, Payoneer, or PayPal.

  1. Navigate to Account > My Profile.
  2. Choose a Payment Method.
  3. Enter the email address associated with your account in the Payment Account field.
  4. Click Save.
Note: You can optionally leave the payment method blank until you have your first job.

2. Add your services

You may create services of your choosing. But, be sure to only pick languages that you are fluent in and subject areas that you are prepared to translate in. This helps your customers trust your services, which means they will be happier and more likely to choose you for future projects.

Follow the instructions below to create one of your services.

  1. Navigate to Account > Services.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Fill out the fields.
  4. Write an optional description.
  5. Click Save.

In order to be offered work, make sure that you have specified:

  1. the language pair (source and target),
  2. your native language (if the target language is your native language, tick off the native language box; otherwise, leave it blank),
  3. type of service you offer (interpreter or translator), and
  4. the subject areas you’re an expert in.

3. Add your rates

Next, follow these instructions to add your rates to the service you created.

  1. From Account > Services, click Edit to open one of your language pairs.
  2. Click Price.
  3. Enter your per word or hourly rate in the Pricing field. For written translations, you’ll set a per word rate; for spoken translations (as an interpreter), you’ll set an hourly rate.
  4. Click Save.

It’s entirely up to you as to what to charge. But your rates must be inclusive of all taxes, surcharges, and fees, including any country taxes.

Note: Because we are a global business, we can't know which country and local taxes apply to your business. You should reach out to an accountant to advise you of your tax responsibilities. Keep in mind that your earnings may also be subject to taxes.

4. Upload proof of your accreditation rating

Follow the instructions below to attach one or more scanned images of documents that show your accreditation rating.

  1. From Account > Services, click Edit to open one of your language pairs.
  2. Click Certificate images.
  3. Click Upload a file, browse for the file, select it, and click Open.
  4. Click Confirm update picture.
  5. Click Save.

After you follow these instructions, the documents are displayed publicly on your profile. We’ll assess an accreditation rating for you in an offline process. Please give us a few days to enter the rating (which will also be visible publicly on your profile). Please refer to the Help FAQ for more information on AATII ratings.

Note: We may request a small Administrative Fee to help pay for the professional services required to process new ratings.

Payment Checklist

Make sure you do the following to ensure that we can pay you when the work is done:

  • Upload the deliverable to our site when it’s ready for immediate use. Payment is faster when there are no revisions required.
  • Upload a document signed by the customer that shows you attended the scheduled appointment or event (interpreters only).
  • Make sure you entered your payment information in Account > My Profile.
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