reneeisto /ruh-ney-iz-too/ or /ruh-ney-ees-toh/

a little verb, a little noun, a little unsure.

  1. an analogy; understanding “renee” (A) based through her relation with B in comparison to the relation of C to D, usually written as A : B : : C : D; this results in understanding the similarities and connections among things and people in the world. example: “renee is to desserts as winnie the pooh is to honey” or renee : desserts : : winnie the pooh : honey
  2. a “renee” professional; based off the -isto suffix from the Esperanto international auxiliary language meaning “a person who belongs to the profession occupied with” (i.e. maro = sea; maroisto = sailor); in other words, reneeisto is a skilled job for someone who’s profession is in “renee” which can only belong to one person a.k.a. “renee”; this also results in recognizing the differences among things and people in the world. example: “you can’t be a reneeisto, only renee can be a reneeisto”

Additional Notes:

When I was studying Anthropology & Religion in my undergraduate schooling, I learned about the pros and cons of learning about the world and its cultures by either comparing it to something you know or by understanding it as its own entity. For example, understanding what the Quran is and its significance by correlating it to the Bible and its significance vs. comprehending the Quran as it is within the context of where the Quran exists (a.k.a. within the Islam religion). In all honesty, the latter is hella hard to do because I am always understanding something in the context of what I know. Although we usually can better understand something by making such a correlation, doing so can take away from the essence of the thing which I am trying to understand. It makes me wonder this: is the latter even possible?

There are benefits to seeing and understanding the world through both sides. Or at least respecting the other. Let’s say I meet you for the first time and we get real deep, real fast. You tell me that you lost both your parents when you were young so you were raised by your grandparents. In an attempt to understand your experience and connect with you, I may respond with something like “I know exactly how that feels. I didn’t really grow up much with my father.” At this point, you may politely nod, but think “Girl, that’s not the same thing. I appreciate it, but nah.” Now, rewind. *insert rewind sound here* I can make a better statement along the lines of “Wow, I can only imagine what that may have been like. I didn’t really grow up much with my father so I’ve always wondered what it would have been like to have both parents fully in my life.” In this scenario, you’d probably feel as if I really heard what you were saying and understand that even though it’s not the same experience, we can still share similar sentiments. See?

In the first response, I assumed what it would be like to have lost both parents by relating it to my own experience and in the process, I never really gave recognition to a major fact: these are not the same experiences. This doesn’t mean that I can’t have similar sentiments or anyone’s experience is invalid, but that I should share my experience in order to connect with the other person while respecting the fact that it is their experience and no one can ever experience it exactly the same. It’s important to connect and understand others in relation to our experiences while, at the same time, appreciating and respecting that they are individuals living separate from our existence.

This is all to explain the reason I changed my twitter name (generally just wanted a twitter handle change) and to introduce this space for me to share my >140 character posts, musings, and maybe even doodles that all get back to the core idea of “reneeisto”: understanding myself through the world and understanding the world through myself while respecting both ends as their own entities.

I hope you enjoy what is to come when I figure out what is to come. I hope it will be casual, pleasant, and a place of growth.

– Renée

Originally published on July 19th, 2015 on another thingamajig.