Sometimes, I promote things.

This is a running list of organizations or events I’ve done social media work for via blogging, live posting, consulting or strategy/brainstorm sessions, or whatever else may come. Want to help me help you?

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Ongoing (social media marketing and/or strategic brainstorming):

  • Roxbury International Film Festival

Highlighted Projects:

First Year Project LIVE (September ’17) —

via @firstyearprj // contributing to planning of live interview event, promotional graphics, and volunteer coordination; live-posting day-of

DSNI’s Multicultural Festival (July-August ‘17)

via @DSNI_org // managed social media promotion and volunteer coordination; facilitated workshops for youth to develop social media campaigns to promote the annual Multicultural Festival; launched new Instagram page (@dsniorg) #DSNIFestival

Roxbury International Film Festival (June ’17) —

via @RoxFilm // live posted on organization’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page for 10-day film festival; also, enhanced profile pages and helped with website editing #RoxFilm

A Day in the Life of an Ambassador of Mentoring (April ’17) —

written for Mass Mentoring Partnership’s Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring program #aomcorps9

Caretakers of Humanity Open Mic (January ’17) —

via @_caretakers #CoHOpenMic // live-tweeted the evening’s open mic

National Black Women’s Society Summit (September ’16) 

via @NBWS_Bos #NBWSSummit // live-tweeted various workshops and keynote speakers

First Year Project (September ’16)

brainstorming session on project’s social media and web strategy

DSNI’s Multicultural Festival (August ‘16)

via @DSNI_org // 2 day countdown and live-tweeted day-of festivities; contributed to hashtag #DSNIFestival

Roxbury International Film Festival (June ‘16)

via @RoxburyIntFilm // live-posted (via Twitter + Instagram) most of the festival’s events (film screenings; post-film socials) using #RoxFilm

Caretakers of Humanity — Nascent Voices Open Mic (June ‘16)

via @_caretakers // live-tweeted day-of for open mic hosted by the collective, Caretakers of Humanity using hashtag #CoHOpenMic; more info to come

Mentoring Night on the Cape (June ‘16)

via @MassMentoring // live-tweeted day-of for family-friendly baseball event to spread awareness of mentoring on Cape Cod; generated ideas and organized team voting for hashtag #CapeMentoringNight

DSNI’s Multi-Cultural Festival Theme Voting (May ‘16)

via @DSNI_org // organized a short voting poll to collect some votes on Twitter; consulted on potential hashtag for event and theme

Dudley Neighbors, Incorporated ‘s 2016 Annual Event (May ‘16)

via @DudleyNeighbors/Storify // contributed hashtag #DNIAnnual2016

Urban Autism ‘s 2nd Annual Kickoff (April ‘16)

via @UrbanAutism // contributed hashtag #UAKickoff16

Boston GLOW #NotABarbie Career &Empowerment Conference (March ‘16)

via @BostonGLOW/@reneeisto/Storify

GOTCHA Job & Resources Fair (live tweeting/resource sharing) (February ‘16)

via @DSNI_org/Storify

DSNI Open House: Imagine Dudley Campus #ImagineDVC (January ‘16)

via @DSNI_org/Storify // contributed hashtag #ImagineDVC

Grand Tour of Spain (January ‘15)

via EF College Break Live blog

Million Dollar $cholar Tweets (May-July ‘13)

via @MDollarScholar/Storify