I feel shame when men do desire me. When I wasn’t dating anyone for
Why Does Dating Men Make Me Feel Like Shit?
Emma Lindsay

You’ve made some interesting points and observations. I can relate to and understand many of your assertions. Trying to understand men is exhausting. I just focus on my own interests and intentions. I live for an intellectual connection with a man which is true intimacy for me and eventually leads to physically intimacy. Personally, I don’t want a sex-fiend or F-boy to treat my body as a vessel to pump and dump lol…I’ll pass. I don’t have anything to prove by withholding physical intimacy — I just do it when I’m ready and on my terms. If a guy lies or misrepresents himself to attempt to have sex, it makes me think of him as a weak, dishonest and insecure man (bad energy). I don’t like when a man feels entitled to have a piece of my body or throws a temper tantrums when I reject his advances.