Python is a very readable language! As a proficient programmer this is great for being able to pick up the gist of a line of code quickly. But this can mean that we don’t see all the Python concepts we jam into one line of code that will overload learners.

Using some example projects taken from the Girls’ Programming Network, we’ll take a look at just how many Python concepts we’re using to create a basic program, and we’ll see how we can design projects to fit different levels of experience.

Caesar Ciphers

First let’s take a look at a Caesar Cipher…

I recently gave a talk at PyCon AU 2018 in the Education track about creating differentiated projects that allow you to engage a broad range of abilities levels in the same classroom, with a look at how we create content at the Girls’ Programming Network (GPN) and how you can do it too.

Accommodating a range of different experience levels in a group of students, finding a project that won’t bore some and obliterate others can seem impossible. While setting completely different projects for “newbies” and “pros” might seem like the best option, it can demoralise “Slow Sam” when he…

This is the Girls’ Programming Network (GPN)! A program I run and direct as part of the University of Sydney’s suite of computer science outreach programs. Our mission: to get girls excited about programming in a fun and friendly environment. And to show them that they rock at it!

GPN Sydney — packed out with 170 girls aged from 10–18. As well as 65 women volunteers!

Every year we run four workshops where we teach girls how to code. This year, like every year, we got together for the Term 3 workshop to do the NCSS Challenge.

But unlike previous years, it wasn’t just the flagship Sydney node saying “Challenge Accepted”; this year all five GPN nodes…

Have you ever arrived late to a party and realised you’ve missed some crucial in-jokes that resonate for the rest of the night?

Have you been late to a meeting to realise that you are behind on key content and decisions that everyone else now understands?

“I didn’t realise it was a fancy dress party!”

This is a bit what it’s like to come late to the world of computer science. It’s easy to feel left behind on the technical aspects and left out of the social aspects.

I got into computer science “late”. By “late” I don’t mean a second career or change in life path. I discovered…

Renee Noble

Software Engineer at Grok Learning; Director of the Girls' Programming Network.

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