A Dream of Trains

I dream it back
a lost romance
I still get on the train

I trace the steps
the place we met
an hour that stole a day

I find the spot
our bodies dropped
but fought to stay awake

I sing our song
a subway stop
a dance to fill the wait

I learn the street
through faster feet
a pace I’d never change

I saw the time
no longer mine
excuses made for fate

I keep the scar
of where you are
games I can’t learn to play

I feared the fall
but never stalled
for this, I’d always break

I found the love
poems are made of
if only for a day

I dream it back
a lost romance
I still get on the train

I ride again
just to begin
knowing the end I face

I let you breathe
exhale from me
but one piece keeps it’s place

I keep that part
next to my heart
a fire to set the pace

I give it back
a lost romance
that stole my words away

But if your heart
goes back to start
I’ll still get on the train

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