How Mikey Day Saved My Life

Name: Michael William Day

Born: March 20th, 1980

Occupation: Actor, Voice Actor, Comedian, Writer

I love the sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live” like it’s a family member. It’s in my blood. I can recite the order of “Weekend Update” anchors like I can recite the alphabet. Listening to an SNL podcast sounds more enjoyable to me than hanging with friends.

It was October 1st, 2016. The premiere episode of the 42nd season of “Saturday Night Live”. That was the day my life changed.

You see I had three different mental illnsesses all at war with each other inside my head. I was only a few months into the school year, yet I was already using the fantasies of summer to get me out of bed in the morning.

My heart started racing. Tears started coming steaming down my face again. I knew the drill.

A sudden changed happened. I could feel it all over my body. I started laughing. I mean really laughing. My body felt something it had never felt in a long time, genuine happiness. I was laughing. The kind of laughter where your body starts to hurt because it is overwhlemed with so much joy. I watched Mikey Day hold the audience in the palm of his hand. Making people laugh was a second nature to him. I thank my lucky stars for being able to experience those five minutes and seventeen seconds every day.

As the season went on, Mikey Day continuously showed that he was put on this earth to make people laugh. I learned something from his silly sketches. Not to take life so seriously. Sometimes, all you have in your life is a grown man dancing with a tiny backpack and that’s ok. I try to live everyday looking for the little silly things in life.

You see if it weren’t for that sketch, I don’t know if I would made this far. Mikey Day is more than just a name to me. It’s a person. A person full of talent. A person who saved me from spiraling into the dark world of depression. A person who kept me going. A person who changed my outlook on life. A person who saved my life.