Noise Canceling Headphones — The Hidden Dangers

Once just thought of as a device to listen to music an increasing buzz has started that many people can actually be addicted to regular headphones and noise canceling headphones. Many users can become so involved in what they are listening to, whether it be music, the TV, or playing games, that those noise they are blocking out may be need to be heard to warn of impending danger.

One of the biggest problems of headphone addicts is hearing loss. Many ear, nose, and throat doctors have reported an increase in hearing loss cases with those that wear their choosing headphones for schools for extended periods of time. A study showed that among seven hundred high school students surveyed one hundred and fifty were frequent headphone users. Of those, eight had significant hearing impairment. It was found that they would listen to music on average of six hours a day at high volumes. In a follow up study it was concluded that in most cases the damage was actually reversible once they quit listening to music through their headphones or listened at reduce hours and volume.

Other types of hidden dangers include car accidents, hazards at the workplace, and theft. All these risks are associated with the headphone user not being able to hear a car horn warning them of danger, hearing backup alarms from equipment being moved in the workplace, and theft from the user losing their awareness of their surroundings.

All the above can be avoided by simply changing a headphone user’s habits. By getting noise canceling headphones the user can protect their hearing. These types of headphones allow you to listen at an appropriate level and not damage your hearing. Do not wear headphones when you need to be more aware of your surroundings. Just by doing these few simple things will help you avoid the hidden dangers of headphones.