15 Rules to Design a Competitive Website

Web design has always been a hot topic. There are number of blogs, guides and books written on how you can improve your web design. Indeed, trend come and go, but there are numerous factors that trigger those trends. The basics of web designs can’t be neglected in order to craft a phenomenal web design.

Here we discuss some of the rules that are critically important to pursue. Rules for creating an epic web designs are A LOT. But here are some that are considered to be the most important of them all.

1. your website should be quick. It should load quickly. Google loves it we love I mean everybody loves it. Who would like to wait hours waiting for a site to load on No One!

2. Avoid using Hyphen or Dash (-) between the domain name. it decreases its searchability.

3. Pick one social media platform and dominate it. Alternatively, you can hire someone to do this job for you.

4. Never rely on only one traffic source. Social media, email, Google, and video or infographics are all important.

5. Never experiment on your own, instead hire a professional web design agency to do this job.

6. Consistency is the key when publishing content on your website. Choose when you will be posting a blog by setting its frequency, monthly, weekly or daily.

7. Make it easy for people to contact you. Stay open to criticism and reply emails from your web visitor.

8. Never retaliate on comments. Your website is your business identity, stay calm.

9. Regularly ask yourself what have changed. How were the things back then and how trends shifted over the years?

10. Stay Trendy.

11. Invest in Future, never under estimate.

12. Keep moving forward, and never give up. The biggest difference between failure or success is giving up at the wrong moment.

13. Build an email list, promote your business’s website online by all means possible.

14. Have a plan for your business website. Lay down a proper devised plan before you head on crafting it.

15. Security from hackers is important. Pick a reliable web host that offers 24/7 live support.