21+ Features A Small Business Website Should Have (DM)

Websites are a must-have in today’s digital world. Businesses of all sizes in Dubai are opting for customized web designs from leading web designers.

There are a lot of features a website can set itself apart by. Beyond color scheme and unique layout features which outstand a website are discussed below.

Thankfully, website designers and marketers in Dubai present 21+ helpful pointers to help you carve an effective web page inside out.


- Domain Name:

Easy to remember Domain name.

- Unique and Customized Company Logo:

A clean, relevant and customized logo design to represent your company graphically.

- Tagline:

A tagline shows what your business is about, what does it aims and where does it position itself in years to come.

- CTA:

A clear, readable and recognizable call to action button.

- Top Navigation Fold:

Includes links to navigate through the website, such as home page, contact us, about, services etc. Keep this section as simple and readable as it can be.

Above the Fold:

- Useful Information:

Includes location, and other important attributes.

- Testimonials:

This is one of the best way to show how reliable and experienced your company is.

Below the Fold:

- Features/Services/Products:

Merely 30 characters of information to describe features of your offerings.

- Content:

Quality content to help web audience know more about the services or products offered. Make sure content is search engine optimized and written for the first user.


- Contact Info:

Include phone number, company’s physical address and email address.

- Social Media Links:

Links to direct them to your social profiles.

- Newsletter:

Sign up form to keep them updated via email.

- Navigation:

Navigational footer to help your web audience navigate without any hassle.


- Search Bar:

A search function for the blogs to help web audience search blog of their choice.

- Social Sharing Widgets:

For each blogpost.

  • Comment Box:

Must have a comment feature to encourage web audience to participate and make website interactive.


Avoid flash elements, background music and uploading videos on website server. This not only will contribute in lagging your website but also look less pleasing.