Here’s How You Play Unreleased Android Apps

rene stitt
Jul 21, 2016 · 2 min read

Did you know that there is an early access tab where you get access to all the apps and games which are still in the developmental process? These apps and games aren’t ready for their public execution, but if you want yourself to spot most no. of bugs, you are fairly welcomed. Since the app isn’t finally released, thus you can help developer improve their final product.

You might not get used to of it at first and might experience a lot of crashes and bugs, but this is how an app feels like in development phase. That is the purpose, to be honest. You have to report issues and help mobile app developers make their app better.

How to Download:

Go to Play Store on your Android device and select app and games tab. Scroll the green category of tabs to the left and there you’ll see the early access button. Here you’ll find a list of unreleased games and apps. You might notice that every app marks a warning that “this app may not function properly” obviously the app is in the developmental process so. Apps are arranged in different categories select accordingly.

How to Give Your Feedback?

You will not have the option to review the app. Since the app isn’t released it cannot be reviewed. But you can send your feedback via Play Store listings.

Google notes here in this document that early access programs are only for limited users. There is also a limit on the number of users per app. Go grab your chance before it is too late.

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