How Angular JS Material Design is Transforming Visual Hierarchy

Google announced material design back in 2014. This was the beginning of a new era of web apps designing. In addition, they did updated apps to this new visual spec to provide the user a new and consistent experience. Haven’t you experienced a modern minimal design style in apps that synthesizes classic design principles? You probably would have, actually, we all have, it’s just we don’t notice it much.

A material design carves a single underlying system that allows unified experience across different device size and platforms. Angular JS a JavaScript MVW framework which helps to create modern web applications connecting to API so that the page never needs to be refreshed.

The angular material is actively developing at Google’s hub, which is an implementation of the material design in Angular JS. It not only provides reusable UI components solely based on Material Design System but also helps in creating visual harmony all over.

Material Design is a visual language, it helps to convey information through tones, color, and contrast. These material design themes spread throughout the components of the application to give it a unified and sophisticated feel. According to principles of material design, one has to limit the selection of colors by choosing 3 and 1 color hues from primary and secondary color pallets respectively. Using Angular makes this guideline applicable by using JavaScript to configure the theme.

Google is converting most of its renown applications to material design. In addition to this, they are also heading into the development of Angular material which actually is the implementation of material design written in Angular JS. Angular material applies principles of material designs to Angular JS applications.

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