A Christmas Tale

An Angel, a Star and a baby of some kind


Tassy decided to run away. She was tired of being treated like she didn’t exist. She would wait for the right moment tonight and slip away.

Tassy remembered hearing to look for the brightest star in the sky; it will lead you home. Well, this didn’t feel like a home, but maybe the star would show her the way to a new home.

“The meltdown started this morning with the snowsuit. I promised Janessa if she’d talk to you, Dr. Parker, we’d go to the park, build a snowman, make snow angels, and maybe sled. She can dress herself, although she does seem to fight with her clothes. This morning was no exception. I’ve tried to tell her legs first. She got the arms in and one leg. While trying to put the other foot in, the fight ensued. The snowsuit won. Janessa did a face-plant on the floor, splitting her lip. That was bad enough, but the blood freaked her out.” …

Words Matter

“You can’t play with us. You go to the wrong church!”

“You go to the round church so the devil can’t trap you in the corner!”

“We don’t like you and you know why!”

These words taunted me throughout childhood. They still echo in my mind and are something I have struggled with most of my life. These words would cause me to swallow my retorts, hold my breath until I got home. There I would cry uncontrollably, not understanding why it mattered where I went to church or why kids didn’t like me. What did I do…

1 Peter 2: 21

To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example that you should follow in his steps.

The fall of my seventh grade year is the first time I ever remember being moved up in a class. Sitting in my math class I was feeling so proud and a bit overwhelmed by the two weeks I had missed. I was busy trying to catch up, about halfway through the class period a knock came at the door. One of the student greeters was bringing a new student around. The teacher went to…

ID 59711005 © Dannyphoto80 | Dreamstime.com

The anticipation and excitement in the air, that morning at breakfast, mingled amongst the clanging dishes. There was much talk about the Play, the Prize, as the younger got to challenge the more mature of their choice.

Warren’s buddies goaded him to ‘Give the Lie.’ He slowly stood, puffing out his chest, marching straight to the table where his brother Korbyn sat, looking him directly in the eye, throwing his glove down before him. Korbyn glanced down at the glove then into his brother’s eyes for a long time, waiting for him to blink. The two seemed to make a…

An old black key, a broken compact and a sandy clamshell, what was a girl to think of a gift like that?

It was my sweet sixteen, all the relatives gathered in our backyard to celebrate, about 100 in all. My aunts and mom told me how excited they were to see what Nonnie, my great grandma would give me. She gave the most critical and unique gifts, ones to treasure your whole life.

Nonnies gift was saved to open last. I was expecting a string of pearls or her bible but when I opened the beautiful porcelain box, there…


Renette seemed to wiggle and talk none stop. She stood all of three feet tall, her eyes muddy brown pools of mischief, her golden hair in braids. She bounced on her toes, “Mommy, time to go? When can we go?”

Mommy hugs her daughter, “We will go when daddy gets home. Patience dear, now go play with your brother so I can finish getting ready.”

Renette Skips off to find Ricky. Her brother is sixteen months older, her best friend. She plans to marry him one day. …

Enchanted Spring

It was late spring, when I got to stay with Grammy and Poppy. Grammy would fix up a basket with cookies or little sandwiches, my tea set and brown pop, usually root beer. I’d grab my two favorite dolls at Grammy’s house, a quilt and head out.

Whenever I started down the old dirt drive Poppy would call out;

“ Where ya headed child?”

“On an adventure.”

“Okay, Be safe. Be Smart. Have fun. And remember we love you.”

“Thanks, Poppy. I will. Love you too.”

I’d walk to the end of Grammy’s roses and head for the…

Clutter, clutter, everywhere!

You know I don’t think one starts out to be a hoarder, life gets busy you know, then you turn around, the mail is stacked a mile high. Magazines that had that one article you didn’t have time to read or that one idea for aunt Sally for Christmas, the pages are even dogeared for later, but which pile in which magazine? You really don’t have time now to search through them

Busyness is not the only thing to make the clutter spiral out of hand. Like a drug or food, in the beginning, it’s something you…

There are times when words come so fast you can’t help but get them on paper. Or they spill out of your mouth and you wonder who really said them.

I had a dear friend who was in the mist of writing a book. She was telling me somethings about it, when bed time came so did this:

How you do toy with my mind sometimes :~}

Went to bed and had to get up and write this down just for you. Maybe it will inspire your song and writing. All I know is it had to come out and…

Renette Steele

Wife, Mother, Nana, retired teacher, who loves GOD, Family, Travel, being creative, reading and writing to honor the the LORD.

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