How To Keep Rocking When Life Is Hard On You

How To Keep Rocking When Life Is Hard On You


We all know those days when life is rough. We have to network, think, talk, listen, be polite, meet our deadlines, accomplish our list of to-do’s, & be good to our surroundings. All those things can be hard, especially when we have to do them all at once.

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The world in the digital sphere is moving at lightspeed, and in our day to day environment the world is moving at a slower pace. That contrast can be very hard on our minds, body, and soul.

Life & Brick Walls

I will now tell you a very inspiring story, which should cheer you up & help you to push forward regardless of the hardships you may be facing in your life. We all deserve to be happy & calm, no matter how chaotic the environment around us is.

“To be the eye in the center of the storm”

Rewinding time 20 years back my grandfather & I spent a lot of time together on his farm. The year was 1996. By that time it was no lucrative business to be a private farmer in Denmark. With the advancing technologies & restrictions (on how to do farming & how not to do farming) it was getting nearly impossible to earn a steady income.

I remember one amazing thing about my grandfather.

He was always calm and happy.

Even in situations of great hardships.

He never blamed other people or circumstances, for the hard times he was experiencing. He had his own way of being happy, calm & optimistic all the time.

Most of the time we spent together was on long walks. Both of us with an apple in the hand, & two feet on the ground.

It was simple.

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I believe that we humans need simple solutions to complex situations.

When walking you don’t really need a lot of brain activity going on. It encourages you to be mindful.

Using your ears to listen to the sounds of nature, your eyes to see the true beauty of nature, & balancing your feet so you don’t fall flat on your nose.

If you do.

Then rise, & Walk again.

Help A Friend In Need

The most certain path to becoming happy is making other people happy.

On the long walk, we sometimes visited my grandfather’s best friend M. He was also a farmer, & he was experiencing the same hardships running his own farm as my grandfather.

But M. couldn’t cope with the pressure & mental frustration as well as my grandfather. M. was in a very dark place mentally.

So my grandfather helped him by spending time talking.

Not a regular talk. But a talk about ideas, theories & philosophies on how to get his friend out of the trouble.

He motivated & inspired him. My Grandfather gave M. ideas on how he could solve his problems, & actionable tasks to accomplish.

After some time M. started to acquire new mental strength. Having his energy back, he started working hard at the tasks & ideas they’ve talked about together.

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One great day M. came on top of his financial situation.

Shortly after my grandfather died.

On my grandfather’s burial, M. told my family that if not for my grandfather’s friendship, help, & great motivation he would’ve committed suicide.

The value of one soul is the sum of the values it brings other souls.

Keep Moving

“Keep moving, your time will come”
-René Vella

We gotta keep going, no matter the circumstances. We gotta find that last breath, to keep moving forward, at least so we can help our best friend or family when they are in a hard situation. Quitting is never an option!

After I wrote this article I came to think of this nice song, that pretty much sums up all my words & the story I have shared with you.

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Enjoy this song from Billy Ocean & thanks for reading a part of my life story.

Billy Ocean — When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going

Your turn! What do you do, when the going gets tough?
Let us connect and inspire each other.