I couldn't say it's a perfect nineteen years,
There's been plenty of trials and tears.
My family, friends and study, 
Played different roles in my story.
It's not interesting I know,
Been a boring life enough to throw.

I don't think I've been a good sister,
Nor became a perfect daughter.
Not enough to be someone's best friend, 
Nor adequate to be a firm cousin.
I am not as perfect as Barbie,
The character I always dreamed to be.
Use to compare myself to this faultless lady,
And realized I am so beyond her degree.

If I am to write the story of my life,
It will bot be interesting,
Nothing will be fascinating.
Not until I met my Savior, 
My Knight in shining armor.
Who would have thought, 
Someone will look after me.
A damsel in distress,
A not beautiful lady.

He has been to Calvary,
Endured all pain and misery.
He did all these for me,
To gain new life and eternity.
Offered His kingdom and made me His princess,
I felt special and o so priceless.

Ascertained it's never too late,
I still have time if God permits.
By His grace and abounding favor,
Through this Hope, my soul's anchor.
I can be any one's best friend..
Treat each of you more than a cousin.
Never behind to be a good sister,
Nor become a perfect daughter.

I am not saying that it'll all be flawless,
Nor saying I'll be faultless.
It is that I can be someone new,
If I let God mold me in His own point of view.
My story can be interesting, 
If it'll be God who'll do the writing.

A new chapter will be unfold,
Very soon I'll be entering the young adulthood. 
This time it is God who holds the pen,
He'll write my bio that anon will end.
To Him I surrender all my uncertainties,
Offered my heart with all it's broken pieces.

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