Especially in the last 10 years, the explosion of renewable energies, especially sun and wind, brings about a rapid transformation in the energy sector. The reduction of installation costs in solar and wind power plants, as well as the advancement of energy storage technology, brighten the star of green energy.

In the Renewable Energy Companies report published by Reuters, both traditional and renewable energy companies were evaluated based on 8 criteria such as innovation, environmental impact, social responsibility and risk management.

In addition to robust financial instruments, the report includes leading companies that create advanced sustainability programs, develop groundbreaking technologies, and benefit from surrounding communities.

Most of the world’s top 14 renewable energy companies, listed on the Energy 100 list, stand out in China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

1- Canadian Solar

According to the company’s latest Corporate Sustainability Report, Canadian Solar has reduced carbon emissions per 1 MWh generation by 42 percent since 2012.

Canadian Solar also runs a project to replace the kerosene lamps used in sub-Saharan Africa with solar-powered lights. The company also built a solar panel for the energy needs of the park, which is home to the Virunga National Park in Rwanda, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the endangered mountain gorillas.

2- CropEnergies

Located in the city of Mannheim, CropEnergies removes fuels from renewable plants. Such biofuels, such as bioethanol from CropEnergies, emit less carbon dioxide than gasoline or diesel fuels.

In 2017, CropEnergies increased revenues by 31 percent thanks to the production and consumption of environmentally friendly fuels.

3- First Solar

First Solar has announced that its technology produces 89–98 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional electricity generation methods.

4- GCL-Poly Energy

5- Global Pvq SE

6- Green Plains

7- Guodian Technology & Environment Group

8- Hanergy Thin Film Power Group

9- Inox Wind

10- Jiangsu Akcome Science & Technology

11- Motech Industries

12- Pacific Ethanol

13- Renewable Energy Group

14- Risen Energy

Originally published at on March 16, 2019.