Renewgreen Business Solutions: Electricity Solution for Business

Electricity is the backbone of every business. For any type of business electricity is the important form of energy. Without electricity, humans would have to use other forms of energy that are less efficient. Secure supply of electricity with well-defined quality standard is the crucial to economic growth.

Everyone is looking for cost effective and durable solution for electricity needs. Renewgreen Business Solutions provide the exactly the same through its quality products and best service. Most important thing to mark is that you will be running on green energy. We offer following efficient and effective products.

Power System:

Renewgreen Business Solution provides two types of power systems. On grid solar system and off grid solar systems are the two power systems generating electricity by using solar energy. With on grid power system one can supply excess generated electricity to utility grid and same amount will be deducted from the next electricity bill. A grid connection allows you to save money with solar panel through better efficiency rates, plus lower equipment & installation costs.

1. On Grid Solar System

Wind Solar Hybrid:

Wind Solar Hybrid System is another good solution for business. This is a combination of two renewable energy sources to generate electricity. Wind and solar are the cleanest source of energy as both are renewable energy sources. This system offers a truly optimal solution and ensures adequate supply of energy.

2. Wind Solar Hybrid System

Solar Street Light:

Outdoor lighting is an essential part of any business, but it is a dead investment as you are not going to generate any business from it. But still you have to invest in it so everyone tries to save in it. Solar Street Light is the best option for outdoor lighting system. Renewgreen solar offer solar street lights which are cost effective and energy efficient. These street lights are available in two different configurations.

Industrial Solar Water Heater:

When it comes to industrial water heating system, huge electricity bill is the first thing strike in mind. Now forget huge bills and install Renewgreen Industrial Water Heater. It uses solar energy which is free and maintenance of the system also less. It can work in cloudy climate also.

4. Industrial Solar Water Heater