Smart Power Home Lighting Solution by Renewgreen Solar

Everyone is aware of the benefits of solar energy. Nowadays use of the solar energy is increasing day by day. Solar powered lights are the best alternative to traditional lighting system. By using solar energy we can generate electricity without noise, smoke and pollution. In India many rural areas still facing problems related to lack of electricity and load shedding.

One more reason to use the solar energy is that the traditional lighting system consumes more electricity than LED lights. It results in higher electricity bills. LED lights are energy efficient and long lasting. Also these lights are easy to install and safe to use. LED lights are energy efficient and maintenance free which reduces the cost of the lighting system.

Best alternative and affordable solution over these problems is the use of solar energy and led lights together. This type of solution achieves great energy and cost saving effect. Renewgreen Energy provides Smart Power Home Lighting Solution. This system is inclusive of Solar Panel, special Solar battery charge controller (LED), LED bulb, wiring and other important/useful hardware material.

Smart Power Home Lighting Solution

Features of Smart Power Home Lighting Solution:

• Safe and easy to use

• Low consumption and long lasting led bulb

• Available in different configurations with elegant and efficient luminaries

• Provision for operating extra loads with highly advance charge controllers

• Adequate protection and indications — Deep discharge, Over Charge.

• Battery reverses polarity protection

• Solar Panels reverse Polarity Protection

Technical Specification:

Smart Power Home Lighting Solution consist of 20Wp solar panels, 3W led bulb (3), 7Ah battery and series 2 strips charge control with the powder coated body. This lighting system provides a 120 degree light angle.

The world is increasingly looking for alternate options to the non-renewable sources which are the polluted source of electricity. Solar energy is the biggest source of renewable energy which is used all over world to generate electricity without pollution. Renewgreen Energy Pvt. Ltd. dreams to reach the people in such a manner that there will be at least one product related with Solar or Wind Energy in every home.