Benefits of Solar Panels and Battery Storage

The world we are currently living on is dying. We rely so heavily on disposable energy sources that now it is a critical time for us to be moving on from disposable energy and to renewable energy. However, people are hesitant and frankly unwilling to embrace this new form of energy. Are people scared of what they know so little about, despite them potentially not knowing a lot about disposable energy anyway? Are people ignorant to the fact that global warming is a real issues and that we are entering a period of its consequences? Or are people too stubborn to accept that this change has to happen if we want to continuing seeing the world as it is today because if these changes are not implemented then we can say goodbye to the world as we know it.

While this may sound like I’m scaremongering, unfortunately it is the harsh reality of what will happen if we do not drastically change the way we live. Our modern lifestyles rely on the support of electrical devices, look around you now, how much of what you’re surrounded by is not a product of an electrical device or something that relies on energy to produce it? As I look around my room, the only thing that I can see is a plant. Think about everything that happened in order for one item next to you to be produced, a lot of energy was probably used to produce that item. While you may feel pride in having such an item, would this pride disappear with the knowledge that producing that item affected global warming, that item added to the destruction of our planet, to the destruction of habitats and ecosystems. Would that pride be regained with the knowledge that it was produced by renewable energy and that you’ve helped to heal the planet and save our ecosystems?

Renewable energy is forever, we cannot run out of it and we should not be in fear of it, we should love it. Once the renewable infrastructure is built, the fuel is free forever. Unlike carbon-based fuels, the wind and the sun and the earth itself provide fuel that is free, in amounts that are effectively limitless. With so many different forms of renewable energy, if one system becomes inefficient we have so many others to rely upon but one is constant.

Since the beginning of time the sun has been there and it has never ceased to exist. Therefore, you could argue that solar energy is one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy. However, this is just one benefit to solar energy, there are so many more;

  • More jobs are created as a results of solar energy as people are needed during the construction and subsequently for management and maintenance. Therefore we boost our own economy and reduce the dependence on foreign oil.
  • Renewable energy also creates more jobs than other sources of energy- most of these will be created in the struggling manufacturing sector, which will pioneer the new energy future by investment that allows manufacturers to retool and adopt new technologies and methods.
  • Solar energy has no impact upon human life, it produces no noise and will not impact air pollution like forms of disposable energy do, therefore creates cleaner air.
  • Where solar farms are created habitats are also created. Many firms work with wildlife organisations to help improve biodiversity on the land meaning wildflowers are planted and habitats are created, so the local wildlife benefits. Therefore, solar farms can be a haven for wildlife, benefiting the local biodiversity.
  • Solar farms are often created out of sight, on flat land and a good distance away from local areas meaning that there is often no visual impact. Where there is potential for visual impact screening is implemented meaning bushes and trees are planted allowing for more wildlife benefits and cleaner air (as trees absorb CO2 and release clean oxygen).
  • Solar farms are only placed on the poorest quality of agricultural land and flood risk zones, meaning that high quality land is secured, securing our food production. This therefore ensures we maintain our food production while reducing our impacts on global warming.
  • During the construction of solar farms, access is usually given through existing land which is established and safe for large vehicles, meaning that there is little to no disruption to local residents.
  • Solar energy firms are providing key educational tools for the local communities as they may invite local schools to the sites to teach them about the benefits of renewable energy, therefore inspiring the next generation to continue this work.

The benefits to renewable energy, in particular solar energy, are endless but as with anything new, there are critics. People criticise solar energy as they state that it is in fact limited. It is a fact that the sun is not in an area for 24 hour a day 7 days of the week, so therefore how can it be sustainable when for half of the day this type of energy can not be produced? Its sustainability is in battery storage. What ever energy is produced by solar energy is never wasted as battery storage means that the energy that is produced can be stored and released at peak times of the day, particularly in the evenings in winter. This now means that solar energy can be used all of the time, not just during the day. This is a significant achievement and a huge advantage for our energy infrastructure.

Therefore, with solar energy being constantly available, how can anyone oppose its strength as a energy source. The future is green energy, sustainability and renewable energy and solar energy ticks all of these boxes.

The age of oil has really exhausted its usefulness, and it has actually become a danger to our lives and our ability to survive on the planet. So, renewable energy is the only way for us to go forward, do you want to be responsible for inhibiting our survival on this planet?

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