Someone goes to the Doctor because their leg is cut relatively badly, it’s bleeding badly and it…
Caleb Ramsby

I think you’re confusing me with the other guy, the one I asked the question that started this thread.

I don’t believe anything I write, I just think it. I’m liable to change my mind anytime I get more information.

Belief belongs in the realm of religion and ideology, if it shows up anywhere else it becomes a problem because beliefs cannot be argued they can only be embraced or fought.

I’m Canadian, all we got here is maple syrup and snow in the winter, in the US you got the nukes, yup !!! you got them nukes.

In case you don’t know, seeing what’s happening everyday in your country, freaks me out, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. If it’s a comedy or a reality show, I sure hope it’s gonna end soon and never go into reruns.