(239): Keeping a Pain Journal is a Real Pain
Betta Tryptophan

Maybe keeping that pain journal does nothing for you now, but your writing about it did something for me.

Your title caught my eye, and reading your article without having a clue about what that kind of journal was, made me do some research about it… and this added to my understanding of the usefulness of focused journaling, which is something I’ve been doing to cope with an array of mental and physical health problems.

TL;DR I suffered severe head trauma with ensuing brain damage many years ago, and it multiplied exponentially the trouble I was already in. That’s the why in ‘why I write’.

I’ll go to bed a bit brighter tonight because you took time to write about writing about your pain, as strange as it may seem. So Thank You, hoping you somehow manage to find some kind of relief for your pain, take care

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