As a follow up, one good resource to follow on here in regards to these questions is @DFRLab
Caleb Ramsby

Thanks man, I checked it out and got ‘too much info’. I’m gonna go back to that old thing that comes from I don’t know where : those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk… and stop asking questions.

FYI the Montreal guy who (june 21st?) assaulted a cop with a knife at the Flint, Michigan airport lives in Ville Saint-Michel, and that’s where I live too. The guy’s place is real close to a supermarket where I go sometimes… The world is getting smaller by the minute.

In other news, the backside exam was this morning (wednesday) and the medical specialist told me afterwards that “everything is normal, normal, normal”. No pre-cancerous polyps, no nothing, I’m clean as a whistle… and BTW your ‘shitty story” was quite accurate as per the wait times between having to take care of business. I’m still laughing

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