I have no doubt
H. Nemesis Nyx

What is that shadow in the mirror ?

The following is from her blog

I can also assure you that the best writers write what they want to write. Whether that is autobiographical, biographical, historical, romantic, religious, controversial, psychological, fantastical, psychedelical or even diabolical. Why the hell would anyone limit themselves to what they know? Stop talking crazy. Great writers write what the fuck they want to write. The end.

So I would take everything in “The Divorce Machine” with a pound of salt, because the author could even be a man passing himself as a woman.

H. Nemesys Nyx, remember how Ray Dinasky fooled everybody at TGM a while back, there are more than a few like him around.

And alto could remind you about the Virtuous Pedophile at C(G) at the end of 2015, another virtual crossdresser or something of the same ilk.

Let’s not lose too much time validating such silly mindfuck

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